Do you have an idea of ​​a specific place where the light source will come from, but you do not know how to achieve the right lighting and how to illuminate the place?
Take advantage of standard or atypical lighting types.
We have a lot of solutions for offices, showrooms and your living and the possibility of producing custom lighting. We can prepare various length variants luminaires and achieve the required lighting of a specific place in the building exactly according to your ideas and possible lighting standards for your project.
We design optimized comprehensive lighting solutions, which means replacing existing or proposing new forms of lighting designed that their operating costs and maintenance were cheaper.
Company TRIPLECHROME within atypical implementations production of luminaires from about 50 types of aluminum. profiles installed many variants of LED modules or strips with diffusers according to the requirement for the light standard and IP protection. For these atypical lights we use quality materials and anodizing is available in many colors. These luminaires have a 5-YEAR WARRANTY.
We also produce mirrors dle Vámi zadaných rozměrů a radiusů with backlight.




We will answer these questions in this section.


Intelligent control can after programming, control the lighting of the house so that they are operating costs are minimal. Other functions of the luminaire can be controlled, such as dimming, Kelvin temperature change and more.

Simply the main difference compared to classic wiring is you can connect many luminaires to the wiring branch and the system controls based on the assigned address of the luminaires you want to turn on, dim or control.

When using an intelligent system, it forms all the distribution networks (communication lines) and the bus controls the intelligent network system such as ABB KNX, LOXON, LUTRON and other management systems, of which there are many.

We for you based on this purchased intelligent system, or looking at an existing installed system according to the relevant type of model, we will create an offer of luminaires so that it communicates correctly with the control unit.

Every system uses protocols LED luminaires must have the correct DALI communication protocol. Then everything is fine and the bus and the control unit cooperate and fully control all functions of the luminaire.


The production of light fixtures from aluminum profiles has become very popular at the moment due to the high quality and precise detail that these products offer. 

Aluminum profiles are made from light and strong aluminum alloys, which are very resistant to corrosion and have high temperature stability. 

These profiles are a kind of aluminum profiles that have a milled shape on one side for placing the LED light and on the other side a groove for inserting the diffuser.

The diffuser then serves to disperse the light and thus ensures uniform lighting of the given space.

When manufacturing lights from aluminum profiles, care must be taken to choose the right profile and diffuser, as there are approximately 150 types of profiles. 

It is important to choose the profile and diffuser that will best suit the specific application, for example depending on the lighting needs, dimensions of the room and aesthetic requirements, but also to take into account the technical solution in the space.

Another important aspect of the production of lighting fixtures from aluminum profiles is the correct selection of accessories, such as housings and power supplies that ensure the safe and efficient use of luminaires.

The production of lighting fixtures from aluminum profiles is a demanding process that requires knowledge and experience in the field of materials, technology and design. 

However, thanks to the high quality and precise detail that these products offer and are constantly being innovated, they belong to modern solutions for interior lighting.


The temperature of the light in kelvins (K) affects the overall atmosphere of the room and affects the mood and productivity of the people who move in it. 

Therefore, when choosing the right lighting, it is important to choose the light temperature that best suits the specific application.

In general, a light temperature of 4000-5000 K is recommended for work rooms such as offices and laboratories, which enables better visibility and concentration at work. For interiors with a high proportion of artificial lighting, such as shops and supermarket, light temperature around 5000-6500K is recommended, which increases the contrast and appears as more daylight.


For relaxing rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms, a light temperature of 2700-3000 K is recommended, which is a sunset-like light temperature that is suitable for relaxation and relaxation. 

This temperature can also be used in bathrooms and toilets, where it has a pleasant effect on relaxation and well-being.

For outdoor lighting, a light temperature in the range of 5000-6500 K is used, which approximates daylight. 

This type of lighting is most often used for lighting roads, parks and industrial zones.

However, it should be emphasized that the correct choice of light temperature depends on individual needs and requirements of the users of the given space. If you are not sure which light temperature to choose, it is best to consult a lighting professional.


The correct choice of light temperature in Kelvin is an important factor when designing lighting for different rooms and spaces. 


Choosing the right light temperature can greatly affect people's mood and productivity.

The customer is for Triplechrome s.r.o. most important, and therefore strives for the best possible customer service. 

In addition, the company Triplechrome s.r.o. also provides a wide range of services such as lighting design, which is individually adapted to the needs of the customer.


Company Triplechrome s.r.o. relies heavily on feedback and customer satisfaction partners - architects, investors and companies involved in architectural design. 


Cooperation with these partners is crucial for Triplechrome, as it enables us to better understand customer needs and create products that will fully meet those needs.


Technology and its quality:

LED chips and electronic parts are key components of modern LED lighting. 

These components have a major impact on the quality and reliability of LED lighting, and therefore it is important to pay sufficient attention to them.

LED chips are the basic building block of LED lighting. 

These chips are composed of semiconductor materials that emit light when an electric current is passed through them. 

The quality and performance of an LED chip are primarily determined by the quality of the semiconductor material, chip design and manufacturing process. 

Higher quality semiconductor material, better chip design and more careful manufacturing process ensure higher luminosity, longer life and lower risk of LED chip failure.

Electronic parts are another key component of LED lighting. These components serve to regulate and limit the current, which flows through the LED chip and thus protects the LED chip from overload. 

The quality and reliability of ballasts are important for the trouble-free operation of LED lighting. 

Poor quality ballasts can lead to poor performance, uneven lighting, reduced LED chip life and even fire hazards.

The quality and reliability of LED chips and ballasts are affected by many factors, such as the manufacturing process, design and choice of materials used. 

That is why it is important that we supply lighting from renowned manufacturers who emphasize the quality and reliability of their products. 

It is also necessary to pay attention to the correct installation and maintenance of LED lighting to ensure optimal performance and long life.

For us, the quality and reliability of LED chips and ballasts are key factors.

We also enter into the production of decorative lighting according to the choice and wishes of the client with an emphasis on quality handwork and together with the manufacturer KANDELA LIGHTING we create new modifications of luminaires in various colors and fabrics.
Ideal for hotels and residential buildings or ordinary family houses.



TRIPLECHROME renovated the crystal chandelier from y.1965 as part of atypical orders.



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