And also a distributor of quality lighting and fixtures of foreign and domestic brands with an emphasis on the design and functionality of these products.


Our portfolio includes lights from manufacturers who excel in their field and have won design awards in a prestigious global competition Red Dot Award. 
You will find manufacturers here:  ASTRO (England), Bomma. (Czech Republic), PENTA (Italy) but also quality lighting  LODES (Italy), CASTALDI (Italy) and other brands for example Famlight lighting.
Our offer includes lights for the interior, exterior large range lighting for villas, family houses, apartments and gardens, but also a very wide range lighting for hotels, office facilities of companies or lighting of sales points and showrooms.
You have the opportunity atypical lighting solution according to the size with a wide range of profiles that we use for individual lighting of various segments of the building.
Our partners are::
- architects
- construction companies
- companies dealing with lighting system solutions
- specialized shops in the field of lighting
- sales showrooms
- hotels
You can contact us by e-mail for more information varka@triplechrome.cz or by phone
+420 602 141 155.

Sight is one of the most important senses of perception. Indulge in this sense in a properly lit space with adequate comfort.

The company Triplechrome s.r.o. specializes in distribution lightings production some models of lamps, incl lighting from glassworks. PBelongs to one of the most reliable suppliers in the field of projects with LED lighting and lighting from glassworks on our market.
There are several reasons why partners should choose Triplechrome s.r.o. as your lighting supplier. 
The first reason is the excellent quality of the products with an above-standard warranty. 
The company Triplechrome s.r.o. uses state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing processes to manufacture lighting fixtures, ensuring that the products are of high quality and reliable. 
In addition, Triplechrome s.r.o. offers a wide range of LED and glassware lighting, allowing customers to choose exactly what they need for their projects.
Another important factor that speaks for Triplechrome s.r.o. is excellent customer service. 
The company always strives to accommodate customers and provide them with complete and professional assistance in choosing the right lighting for their projects. 
All this is supported by experts in the field who have many years of experience in the field of lighting.
Innovation is an essential factor. The company Triplechrome s.r.o. is constantly looking for new and innovative products and is also looking for new and better ways to improve its business and production processes. 
All this ensures that Triplechrome s.r.o. remains competitive in the market and that its products are always of high quality and very reliable.
Last but not least, it is important to mention that Triplechrome s.r.o. is very ecologically oriented. 
The company Triplechrome tries to minimize its impact on the environment and uses gentle processes and materials in the production of its products.

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