Penta Light is an Italian company which has made a name for itself on the design lighting scene both in Italy and abroad. Widely renowned for the top quality of its products and for its constant quest for new and innovative and material combinations, the company continues to present lamps that are always innovative.

Leather, PVC, glass or metal give shape to elements which, more than simple lights, are real furnishing pieces. Exclusive offer of these luminaire models Penta Light is at the highest possible level of processing, and if you are interested in any of the products from this manufacturer, contact us.

Each lamp is the result of a meeting between light and space. The perfect combination that Penta lamps enrich with a unique design, an expression of refined elegance and timeless beauty.

Light, space and beauty are also common threads in this story, which begins in Milano, the historic capital of Italian design, intersects the Palladian villas in Venice and in Venice, the heart beats Italian decorative traditions and secrets of glass processing.

Prominent architects involved in the creation of lamps for Penta Lighting include, for example Carlo Colombo, Umberto Asnago and Matteo Thun.

Carlo Colombo is an Italian architect and designer who specializes in luxury furniture and lighting. His designs for Penta Lighting are
characterized by simple and elegant lines that emphasize the quality and functionality of the lamps.

Umberto Asnago is another important Italian architect and designer whose work for Penta Lighting is inspired by classic but also modern style.
Its lamps are made of quality materials and have a unique design.

Matteo Thun is an Austrian-Italian architect and designer whose work focuses on sustainability and ecology.
His designs for Penta Lighting are elegant and minimalist, with an emphasis on the use of natural materials and energy-saving sources.

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