FAMLIGHT is a family company with over 20 yearsof experience and passion for glass.

Our brand was created to combine the beauty of light and glass, finished with hand-pitted metal.

Famlight - Our motto is attention to details and individual approach to the client. We have a wide range of products, but we also manufacture lamps to order, adapted to the interior. All components are manufactured hand made, which allows us to maintain product quality.

Lamps from glassworks are not only a practical and functional element of the interior, but can also be a beautiful decoration.
The glass that is used for the manufacture of lamps has different colors and textures, which makes it possible to create a large number of aesthetic shapes.

Our company prefers the Famlight lighting brand for our partners, as we can partially participate in the development and variants of these models.
One of the techniques used to modify glass is, for example, various types of plating.
Plating makes it possible to create a layer of metal on the surface of the glass, which can be silver, gold or other.
This technique is associated with the treatment of the glass surface in such a way that its ideal gloss is preserved and the desired design is created.

Another important technology for the production of glass lamps is glass shaping.
The glass is heated to an adequate temperature and then shaped into the desired shape.
This process requires great precision to achieve the desired result.
In addition, grinding and modification by technological processes, sometimes with the contribution of nanotechnology, is also a very important technology,
to create a smooth and shiny surface.

The quality of the technology of painting individual metal components on the lamps, such as sockets and rosettes,
the perfect detail of these lamps is also important for the production. Varnishing must be done with high precision in order to achieve the desired color and gloss.

Output quality control is important for all models of light fixtures from glassworks. Not only the transparency of the glass and the paint surface are checked,
but also other parameters such as the correct assembly and functionality of all individual components and cables inside the light fixture.
The production of lighting fixtures from glass factories therefore requires a number of technologies, including plating, glass shaping, grinding and painting.
The quality of production is ensured by the quality control of all products, which includes the transparency of the glass, the coating surface and other parameters.
Thanks to these technologies, lamps from glass factories can be a beautiful and functional decoration for any interior.

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